Monday, April 22

Manila Trip Part 1

It's summer vacation for me and I was privileged to spend a few days in Manila. It's such a bummer because it ended too soon. I really wanted to stay longer but when I was booking my tickets a month before, mom said that 10 days was too long. Ironically, when I got back from Manila she was like " Why so soon? You should have stayed longer and spent more time with your aunt". This was my reaction. 

But nevertheless, I enjoyed my stay there since I got to explore some parts of the Metro. If you didn't know, I was actually born in Manila. My dad's from Pangasinan and my mom's a Manila girl but we moved to Cebu when I was one. We frequented Manila but I just stayed in the comforts of our home. Now that I'm older and more independent, I took my chance and just went here and there. 

One exciting part of my trip was that I flew PAL. It has been ages since I last flew with Philippine Airlines. I don't know why but flying PAL just excites me. Maybe because their flight attendants' uniform is posh. I like posh so I got to love them. The only bad thing about my flight to Manila was that it was delayed. So instead of arriving there at around ten in the evening, I arrived about thirty minutes later than planned but it was all good. While waiting for boarding, I happened to meet Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile in the airport. Too bad I didn't have any picture with him. I only have a picture of my ticket.

tadaaaa~ =]

For my first day in Manila, I literally spent the whole day in Makati since my aunt had to attend an event at InterContinental Manila hotel. I ended up staying first at the new McDonald's located at Glorietta 2.  

I just had to have my daily dose of caffeine and since it was still the first day I thought that I should be tight with the budget given that I'm not sure what's going to happen on my stay. So voila~ thirty five peso worth of love. :)
Basically, day one was uneventful. I just toured Makati and waited for my aunt's event to finish then off we went to SM Mall of Asia to meet my sister who was attending the Philippine Dental Association Convention at SMEX. 

Since it was so hot, I decided to stay by the ice skating area to feel cooler. And it was refreshing.

I couldn't text people that I was already in Manila given that both my phones were stolen a day before my trip. Talk about bad luck. However, thanks to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, I got in touched with a few friends and I spent my second day again in Makati. I must warn you, this trip is more of a Makati trip. hahaha But anyway, as I was saying, I spent my second day with a good friend of mine. We met at Greenbelt 2 and had lunch at Burger Bar

This friend of mine actually arrived late that's why I ended up eating the burger right away without taking a picture. But at least I said grace before I ate it. :) 

But for the sake of this post... This is what I ordered. 

Cheeseburger. It's to die for. I love their patty cause it's not greasy and is very tasty. Totally gastronomic!              Photo taken from foursquare. By Francis C.

 Friday was dedicated for my twin and best friend. Since she was working in Makati, I decided to wait for her at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf located in Glorietta 2. What liked about this branch was their interior. It was very spacious and I loved the design of one certain wall.
I don't I just think that it's very classic and cheeky for a wall. hahaha

Waiting was over for me and I got to meet the twin. We watched The Host before dinner. The movie's about an  unseen enemy which threatens mankind by taking over their bodies and erasing their memories. To be honest, the story line was promising but the movie had such a slow pace. If you were tired and you watched this I bet you would fall asleep. We watched it cause a friend of ours suggested it and said that it was "awesome". Well, I thought that he had to get laid (just watch the movie).

After the movie, we had dinner at Bistro Ravioli and their food was so delicious. 

Spinach and Feta Cheese Ravioli in Pesto Sauce. Orgasm in your mouth!
Photo taken from foursquare. By Cecille M

Pepperoni Pizza. The crust was perfect. I can eat them all!
Photo taken from foursquare. By Doppler Audio S.

After dinner, we went to my twin's condo and I spent the night there. We actually walked from Glorietta to her condo. It wasn't that far. Around 10-15 minutes. It was a good exercise. =]


Stay tuned for part 2 of my trip. :)

Sunday, March 24


I am a very inconsistent person. Hence the deletion of my previous posts and change of blog title. But I believe that change is good. Change for the better that is. But regardless any change that will happen in my life, I'd like to be positive about it. And hand in hand with that positivity would be acceptance. So cheers to change.